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Where to start? When I’m in a creative, intelligent environment, I get a tingling in my head that I swear feels like my brain is growing! Well, definitely one of those times was when I was introduced to the Transformation Game®. That first evening I played the game made me feel as if I were experiencing magic. So as my friends and I continued to play the game over time, it seemed that the next logical step for me was to go study the game with its original creator, Joy Drake.

                                               ABOUT ME

Learning how to facilitate such a deep and challenging game changed my life in ways that I could never have anticipated. It became clear to me that my next step was to learn how to trust and develop my intuition. So I started working with Sonia Choquette, a Chicago-based psychic and published Hay House author. I am trained to provide multiple types of psychic readings to individuals and groups. I have a background in psychology; I read widely and constantly. I have practiced and proven in my life that techniques taught by Abraham Hicks (Law of Attraction/Seth) work in a practical sense. And over the last 18 years, I have been alternating between being a participant and a coach in Landmark Education personal development and leadership training seminars. My intuitive readings are often jam-packed with all sorts of pertinent information, quotes and references!

My desire is to create an opportunity for you to clearly experience and learn to trust in your own guidance as an habitual practice. I believe strongly that by developing and trusting in your intuition, life will flow more easily for you and you will more frequently experience inner peace and a joy like no other, causing a ripple effect of good through all the areas of your life and continuing right out into the world.

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