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If you'd like to schedule a Transformation Game® or reserve a seat at an already scheduled game, please provide the information required and I will be in touch with you within 48 hours.  Games take time and coordination with other people to set up so please let me know a range of dates within which you could be available.  A non-refundable deposit of $80 is required to reserve your seat.  Most games are scheduled for either Saturdays or Sundays from 10:00am to 7:00pm, with time for lunch and breaks.  


I give readings both over the phone and in person.  A phone reading works just as well as an in-person reading and usually offers more variety for scheduling and more comfort and convenience.  It takes about an hour but I suggest you allow for 90 minutes of uninterrupted time in a comfortable, private spot.  Just bring yourself and my suggestion is to have a pen and paper at hand, even if you choose to record your reading. Call me, send me an email or provide the information below to set up a time.  If you'd like a coaching package, please contact me to discuss.

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Cathy Akins is an undiscovered and untapped treasure trove of wisdom who will awaken you to powerful alternative choices for your life if you give yourself the chance to play The Transformation Game® with her for a few hours.

Clive Swersky

Host and Producer of the TV show known as Alive with Clive—Turning Your Passion Into Profit!

I got an immediate response to who I am at my core!

I will definitely play The Transformation Game® again.


Cathy, you created a comfortable, clear and safe space for transformation to occur in the game for me and the other players.  I loved the intimacy that made possible the sharing with them and you.  I had fun; I learned; I opened up space in my life and my heart.  Thank you!!!!  I look forward to playing the game again and again and again.


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The Transformation Game® made me see things about myself that I didn’t know. I would play the game again. You learn something new every time you play the game.


This is better than reading the horoscope! I'm able to see what's running the show in the areas of life I want to move forward and use the ‘work’ of the game to facilitate that. It grabs me at an unconscious level and I often don't realize how it's impacted me until things have already happened! I would recommend it to anyone.


This game has given me a new perspective on my life. After playing a game I can go out with confidence and create what I want to experience.


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