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What is blocking you from living your life to the fullest?  

(Play The Transformation Game and uncover your limiting beliefs and patterns.)

Transformation Game
The Transformation Game® is a fun board game that can reflect your soul’s journey through life, providing you with a mirror through which you can view your life experiences, your attitudes and beliefs, your choices and your relationships with new clarity and insight. It's a game that comes alive through personal sharing and interaction and it has a definite therapeutic value, although it was not designed as a therapy.  It is up to you to decide how deeply you want to participate, and to make what you choose of the experiences that come to you.
In this day-long workshop, you can shine a spotlight on your particular strengths, identify any blind spots and limitations where you feel you’re being held back or stuck, and get a fresh, new perspective on your current challenges. The Transformation Game® is played live (at a location to be determined in midtown Manhattan) with two to four players with me as facilitator, over the course of seven to eight hours (including meal time and breaks). The time goes by very quickly once the surprising insights and synchronicities start happening.
What can happen during the game?  
You can experience true appreciation of, and satisfaction about, an achievement for which you’ve never been acknowledged. You can view how you deal with disappointment, jealousy, failure and other setbacks without going through the actual painful experiences. You can have a direct experience of your personal guidance system and learn to recognize and utilize it by deliberate choice.  You can gain clarifying insights to view your current challenges with a new perspective and thereby create new opportunities to transform them. You can strengthen your intuition and share constructive feedback.
The Transformation Game® was created over 30 years ago by Joy Drake and Kathy Tyler at The Findhorn Foundation, an international spiritual community, ecovillage and center for holistic learning in Scotland. As you roll the die to move along the life path filled with Insight, Miracle, Setback, Angel and other squares, you fill your scorecard with Awareness tokens, enabling you to move through four levels: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual.  Often the level where you spend a lot of your game time reflects the level where you are most blocked in your life, and the way in which you choose to move from one level to the next can be very illuminating.  The symbolism of the Game is often stunningly accurate.  
Do you want to play?
Click here to contact me for the next game dates, times and location. An $80 deposit is required to reserve your seat. The total price of the game workshop is $190.
angel cards
Why play with me?
I’m the accredited Facilitator and it’s my role to make sure that you understand the rules of play. I keep track of each player’s turns; I explain any questions and resolve any game issues that may arise so that you can just enjoy the experience. I also use my skills as an intuitive counselor to create and maintain a safe and loving space for personal sharing, to listen carefully for guidance, patterns and underlying issues that are often revealed during the game and to give coaching so that the game can become a transformative tool in areas of your life.
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